Build Muscle – How You Can Gain Muscle and Not Fat (Without Expensive Steroids)

You might think it may be impossible for you to gain a single ounce of weight let alone muscle. Maybe you have a super fast metabolism and you think you are doomed to life of skinny. Well the truth is your not doomed and you CAN gain that ever elusive thing called muscle.

Now you might look at some guys in the gym and wish you had the ripped look they have and I am here to tell you that you can and you will if you follow some easy steps.
The first thing you need to do is watch what you eat.

Ok, yes I know you don’t gain any weight but your bodies ability to add muscle is directly related to what you eat. Although you might be able to eat a whole bag of chips and a two burgers and not gain any weight your not necessarily going to pack on muscle eating like that other.

You want success then you need two things, they are both notebooks. One is for your eating habits you will record everything you eat, the second is for your exercise routine. You are going to record everything you do including what exercises, how much weight, how many reps and how many sets.

For the first notebook you are going to write down when Crazy Bulk Steroids for Cutting you eat, what you eat, and as much nutritional information as you can find focusing on calories, fat, and protein. After a couple of days you should have an pretty good record of how many calories you are taking in and what KIND of calories you are taking in which is important.

Still scrawny and tiny? This can be hard to handle, especially if you go to the gym and see tons of people all muscular doing the same thing you are doing but you don’t seem to gain any muscle while they seem to get bigger. You don’t want to be tiny for the rest of your life do you?