Coaching Youth Football and Zone Blocking and the Zone Read Play

The reason many coaches want to zone block is that it is simple and can be ran to the strong or weakside of the O-line. It can be used out of many formations along with a single or two back set, and the offensive line doesn’t need to be an overpowering line to be effective.

The Zone Play is a front side gap scheme, whether it is outside or inside. The reason so many coaches want to run this is that zone blocking, compared to man blocking, is that it gives the O-line a way to handle the defender and gets away from the one on one match ups that man to man give the O-line. The O-line will work as double team whenever possible; this allows the linemen to be aggressive when they fire off the line into the defenders. Since the O-line is working in pairs the only thing they need to know is, am I covered or uncovered? Second thing they need to know is, are they on the front side or backside? The reason to work in pairs is to gain outside leverage on the downside defender while looking at the second level of the defense. Whichever O-lineman has a clear alley to the second level will come off the block and engage the defender in order to eliminate pursuit of the play.

The main problem with running the inside zone play fromคู่บอลสเต็ป ufabet a single back is that not all of the defenders on the line of scrimmage are not blocked. Most teams in a single back set will try to control the backside defensive-end with a fake QB boot. The backside defensive-end is blocked by the second back or combination of the running back and offensive lineman in a two back set.

Many times the inside zone read play will be a cutback run so the running backs footwork is important. The play for the running back begins with pivoting on the foot that is closest to the QB. This is nothing more then a position step followed by the second step which is done with his outside foot at a 45-degree angle, which takes him in front of the QB. The third step the running backs shoulders should be parallel with