Different Kinds of Keyboard Stands

There are various sorts of console stands you can purchase that will do the occupation of holding up your synth during training, studio meetings or a gig. Assuming you are looking for another model, you will likewise observe that there are maybe a couple styles accessible. These likewise range in cost as well, however it merits realizing what is out there before you purchase.

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Z Frame
The Z outline stand is molded like the letter Z and is normally produced using a few strong bits of metal that are locked together to make the stand. This type is normally difficult to change and accompanies a decent level.

X Frame
The X casing is maybe the more “standard” sort of console stand. It is produced using 2 collapsable arms that are turned in the center to make a X shape. At the point when the stand is changed in accordance with the right level, there is a securing component that keeps it. You may likewise get supports on the stand to prevent it from moving around something over the top.

2 Tier Stand
The 2 level stand permits you to hold hot swap mechanical keyboard more than 1 console simultaneously. Typically an expansion to the Z or X edge style stands, the additional level takes into account 1 more synthesizer or midi unit to be utilized and played with the other hand.

3 Tier Stand
These stands consider 3 console all simultaneously. You can without much of a stretch hold 2 synths and furthermore a drum machine, PC or control unit and have them all before you. The 3 level models are generally exceptionally substantial as they should hold more weight than the others. In this manner, they might be heavier and more lumbering to ship around assuming you are going to a gig.