Example of an Apartment Renovation Paris Project

One example of an apartment renovation Paris project involves a 70 sqm, two-bedroom apartment that was previously heavily partitioned. This small space was remodeled to create a spacious living room with light-filled spaces.

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The renovation focused on the reclaiming of the building’s assets while creating a functional living space. The client’s passion for modern art was the main focus, with the designer opting for lighter colors and more open spaces.

In the apartment, the designers took advantage of the unique layout of the space to maximize space and create a modern living area. This small apartment lacked closets, so the architects decided to create a sleeping nook underneath the kitchen. The kitchen’s countertops and floor were updated, and a mezzanine was added on the western side of the space to make more storage space. The living room was flooded with natural light, and the design included a sleek, open-concept layout with a fully-equipped kitchen.

The apartment’s owners hired a design firm to tackle the job. During the first visit to the apartment, they noted that it needed a complete makeover. They wanted the walls to be a different color, and needed to change the kitchen’s layout. A new bathroom and kitchen with new appliances was added to the space. The new bathroom also featured a spacious, luxurious spa-like atmosphere. The kitchen had been renovated into an inviting open-plan space.

The renovation of the interior of the apartment renovation-appartement-paris.net also involved a new layout and a major makeover. They converted the kitchen into a sleeping nook that easily accommodated a queen-sized bed. The living room was also fitted with new kitchen appliances and a newly renovated kitchen. These changes transformed the space into an attractive dual-purpose hangout space. As a result, the apartment was flooded with natural light. It has since become a stylish and comfortable place to live.

The renovation team made major changes to the interior design of the 235-square-foot apartment. The kitchen was converted into a sleeping nook with a queen-sized bed. The living room was given a brand-new kitchen and new appliances. The bathroom was renovated to have a double-purpose as a living space. The renovated apartment also boasted a new kitchen. It was painted in neutral colors, which made the space look brighter.

Jim Braude and Rick Flinn, two renowned designers in the Parisian interior design scene, have successfully renovated a number of apartments in the city. Their most recent project in Le Village Saint-Paul, a neighborhood in the 4th arrondissement, was the perfect example of a renovation project in Paris. The two designers sought to preserve the historic context of the architecture and the interior design of the apartment. The 235-square-foot space also had a badly laid-out kitchen and a lack of a luxurious spa bathroom.

Apart from rearranging the layout of the apartment, the interior decor was completely revamped. The kitchen was converted into a sleeping nook and the living room was made into a dual-purpose hangout space. The designer also removed a wall in the living room, creating an open-plan space. This apartment is now a bright and airy place to live. Its interior design has been transformed into a perfect blend of luxury and functionality.

Another case study involves a Paris apartment renovation. This architect and her team, Rick Flinn, have renovated several apartments in Paris. In their latest project, they created a modern living space with soft hues and geometric shapes. The renovated apartment was made to look more spacious and streamlined. Its two-bedroom design was enlarged with an extra bathroom and a master bedroom. The architect and his team were commissioned to create a new entrance and hallway in the apartment, as well as redesign the kitchen and bathrooms.

Moreover, the interior design and layout of the apartment were completely overhauled. The apartment was turned into two bedrooms and a cozy living room. The kitchen was converted into a sleeping nook and a kitchenette was created in the living room. The living room has a fully equipped kitchen with a modern style. The owners have been relocating to Paris for work. They are delighted with the finished result of their new flat in Paris.