Great Ideas For A Corporate Gift Basket

If you are planning on putting together a corporate gift basket, maybe I can help give you some great ideas. The key is to be resourceful, creative and budget friendly. Take into account what would be practical, yet personal.

Most businessmen and businesswomen enjoy numerous cups of coffee throughout the day to help keep them going. Some might drink tea or even hot chocolate if they prefer to limit the caffeine. For your corporate gift basket, think about giving your bosses and co-workers a business coffee mug. If you’d like and it fits within your budget, you could order them in bulk with the business name on the front and perhaps their names, just to make it a little more personal. It’s a gift everyone will surely appreciate.

If you watch closely, you will most likely notice that every man wearing a suit keeps a pen in his shirt pocket. Women are also known for always having a pen handy, most likely hidden in the depths of her purse. Ink always runs out, so why not provide more pens? This is another gift you could order in bulk that would look great tucked snugly away in a sleek and sophisticated pen case. For more of a personal touch, you could get the current year engraved on them. Pens would make an excellent addition to any corporate gift basket.

Stationary, such as post-its, envelopes and notepads are always in high demand. Items like these could easily and very affordably be purchased at any Wal-Mart, Target or Staples. These products never go out of style and there is always a need corporate gifts bulk for more. Supplying your office with these everyday items might be just enough to make your boss consider promoting you. Well, you can always dream.

Not everyone loves their jobs, but we all love our families. However, we can’t always be with them because somebody has to work and pay the bills, right? Since we can’t all work from home, think about adding in pictures frames to your gift basket. By doing so, you can give everyone the gift of seeing their families smiling back at them when they need a little encouragement. It’s a kind, sweet and very thoughtful gift idea.