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Yes you are a recovering shopaholic. Maybe you think that people who shop for clothes are simply women who are unable to resist the urge to buy clothes. However, that’s not what addiction is all about. There’s a lot of misinformation about the addiction to shopping for clothes. Therefore, I will reveal the truth about it , and reveal the secret lives of women who are addicted to it. The truth is that all women who shop for clothes have one thing they all share:

When we are greeted with compliments or a wistful look at the way we look, we are amazing. There is a second truth about our obsession that we all have the “female appraiser”. An “female appraiser” is the female we have in our lives that is always imagining admiring us and praising us whenever we try to put on some new clothing. It is the woman we always put new clothes before to receive an praise and acclaim about the way we look. She is the person who is attentive to every pair of new shoes and every item of jewellery, no matter if our hair looks attractive and healthy on the day, and also every piece of clothing that we are wearing to the very smallest of levels. She examines us physically. She is the reason we feel that we are alive. She does this by looking at us, admiring us, and praising us, she lets us feel alive.

We are also her female appraiser too. We take note of each new item she wears , and we talk about how gorgeous she is in all of them. We often enviously admire her looks and her new clothes. Our bond is the and symbiotic feed of our egos’ and jealousy. The most often, our female appraiser is the female parent, sibling, or colleague with whom is the one we subconsciously battle and try to gain approval from concerning our appearance. We try to outdo her appearance to make her feel jealous of us. We constantly contemplate whether the clothes we purchase will make her jealous of how we look prior to purchasing it. And when she sees an exciting new dress for us, and we are envious (of course, the best satisfaction comes when she asks what we paid for it) we are in the middle of our addicting fix. We also observe how many people pay attention to us more than she does when we take a walk together, to be aware that we are receiving more attention than she does. It’s the “envy/dislike/need of approval dynamic” that we share in our appraiser (or several female appraisers) on a more complex emotional and physical level.

When I was a clothes shopping addict, I lived for clothes. They were my passion in life. I’m still in love with clothes. However, I am not dependent on the power they offer the opportunity to stand out, loved and admired. The desire to buy clothes and think about being complimented from women who wear them has lost away from me. There was an era when shopping for clothes was a vital aspect of my life as I longed for the attention and praise that new clothes gave me. I would dream about it while trying at the shop and imagine being admired by the female appraiser whenever I put them on. Once I had purchased the shoes, they always made me feel alive and special whenever I received this attention, admiration, and admiration by my “female appraiser”. I was always looking for something new in order to stand out and that’s why the money was put into it; to always have new clothes that I would always get praise and be noticed. When I wore the outfit twice it was no longer new and there were no compliments given since they’d already been received after I had worn it the previous time. The outfit did not fulfill its purpose for me, unless I put it on before an appraiser of a different gender who was not the first to see it (sometimes I had three or more appraisers who were female within my own life). When I wore a dress that was not noticed by anyone I felt a bit unnoticed and down. It was sometimes just a matter of thinking about the outfit I’d put on the next day, and how great I’d appear and how admired I’d feel was all I could think about on those sad days. This was all to keep me going. thinking about the outfit I’d put within my dresser and what potential it would provide the opportunity to get noticed, and praised.. I would imagine the shoes I’d choose to wear with my outfit and the way I’d match my makeup to it, and how much admiration I’d receive. Since I knew precisely what I wanted to purchase and wear to leave my female appraiser in awe and would love to have my clothes and my attention. getting. And what a rush of joy I would feel even just thinking about that.

Shopaholics who love clothes have an odd obsession because, once you get rid of those women who you have a sense of competition with, the addiction looses its hold over you. The reason is that the addiction centers around dreaming about being admired for the way you look in your clothes. However, remove the female appraiser and you’re no longer able to feel the jealousy and the urge to think about it or browse for clothes. Of course, getting rid of female appraisers from your life won’t be easy. If you’re mothers or work in a workplace as well as have a female child or a sibling, you’ll be surrounded by women in your life who is assessing your appearance. When I was babysitting my friend’s 10-year-old daughter and she inspected my appearance demon slayer figure, telling me my pants weren’t matching my shirt “the colors were off” she informed me. Then I thought I didn’t have to worry about this kind of criticism from children and was able to “throw on sweats and any old top.” In the end, who cares what a 10-year old girl thinks of my dress when I’m babysitting her? However, her comments was not pleasant, even though I stood up for myself and did not alter my outfit. It is evident that she’s a budding shopaholic who is on the rise.

Here are more facts about this shady shopping life: I would head to my favourite clothing stores on a daily basis to return my clothes (which I always loved to do as it was a reason to go shopping again) and then walk out with a purchase, typically one I knew I’d most likely return. In a store that was brimming with clothes and inhaling the fresh scent of new clothes gave me a high rush. I was trying on a new outfit and picturing the female appraiser looking at it and congratulating me for it , and then ask me to tell her where I purchased it. Just thinking about what would happen if I tried on my clothes in the store brought me a rush of adrenaline. That’s what my clothes addiction to shopping was all about. Many women who are shoppers aren’t aware of what their addiction really is. They believe it’s the need to spend on clothes, however it isn’t. It’s true that you need to pay for new clothes in order to satisfy you with your “attention fix”, because when you don’t buy something brand new, you won’t wear anything new. And when you don’t wear something brand new, you won’t receive the “fix”. It is also necessary to go to the store to try something on so that you can feel the fantasy of attracting attention and attention, which is the very first step in the process of developing an addiction.