Reliance On Drugs To Fight Obesity Has Increased Drastically: Are Medicines Enough For Weight Loss

Alarmingly, during the last five years the number of drugs used for anti-obesity treatment has increased enormously in Scotland. Why? The same old reason i.e. the mushrooming of obesity across the world. Collected figures and statistics show that in a single year the doctors have handed out 90,000 prescriptions costing a whooping £4.1m.

Physically inactive life and the intake of fat and calorie laden food have made the inhabitants of Scotland clinically obese which has further led to the massive increase in diabetes, heart diseases and other obesity related diseases in the nation and as a consequence the annual expenditure for the treatment of these diseases has risen to £170m on a yearly basis.

Not only the inhabitants of Scotland but the diet pill seekers throughout the world should take stock of this matter and ponder over it. Do you think without resorting to dieting and exercising you will be able to lose weight simply by administering Phentermine or any other anti-obesity drug to your system?

Diet pills like Phentermine or Xenical are used when your weight loss attempts don’t yield results even after trying out all the weight loss tricks like a bit of walking in the morning, exercising in the evening and following a dietary pattern recommended by the food expert. Without opting for all these methods there is no need to seek protection under weight loss medicines. In addition, with your Phentermine or Xenical usage the doctor always recommends you to follow the instructions on dieting and physical exercises. So it becomes amply clear that to meet the required weight loss, indulging in other activities besides drug usage is equally important. Following the word of the physician is a necessity if you want to achieve results in tune with your expectations. If you disregard the instructions of your Best over the Counter Phentermine doctor and follow a regimen of your own, you would remain the same obese irrespective of the amount of effort you put into your war against obesity.

The escalation of the obesity epidemic across the world in spite of a massive section of people resorting to the use of weight loss medicines makes it clear that until and unless the obese fraternity around the world indulge in exercising along with getting rid of their sedentary lifestyles rewarding outcome from their weight loss regimen can’t be expected.