The Two Senior Memory Games for Memory Improvement

Playing memory games by seniors can be both fun and a mental exercise which is needed at their age. Before I get into the games I would like to outline the situation of senior citizens. Around 75% of senior citizens are worried about their memory. This being said one should realize that a lot of experts in many fields are usually senior citizens! Isn’t it? Some how they look super human. They don’t play memory games but still they manage a very sharp mind and good memory. This is because they engage in a lot of mental activity due to the kind of work they do. Don’t take up the fact that you are losing memory as something normal. It is as good as saying your car is not working well because you have not been using it for quite some time. Before I get into the memory games I would like you to know about a much better alternative.

A very interesting way to keep you memory sharp is เว็บแทงบอล to develop a hobby called memory artist. Any hobby which engages your mental activity is good. A memory artist is a person who trains himself to do incredible feats with memory such as remembering a random 100 digit number, the sequence of a randomly shuffled cards, names of a thousand people etc. Becoming a memory artist has so many advantages. You don’t need a second person to develop your hobby. You CAN engage as many people as you want if you want to but it is not necessary if you choose to. The advantage is it does not cost you much. You can find resources needed for this at the end of the post.

Let me give you a few games for you to get engaged. I will split them into online games and offline games.