Work With Nature’s System of Managing Testosterone

It’s a very dangerous thing to play around with nature’s balance because when you interfere with one thing it causes unpredictable effects on other things. For example, when you inject steroids, who would have thought that it would close down the body’s own production of testosterone but in fact it is obvious when you think about it because the brain has sensed that there is a massive flood of hormones in the system and not only is more testosterone not required, the brain begins the process of making estrogen to balance out the excess testosterone so in fact the desire to have more muscle-mass making steroid actually creates the opposite effect. Not only does the body make the wrong hormone than the desired one, the follow through effect of this in the medium to long-term is to shrink the testicles size because they are not being used any longer. I seriously wonder if the men who inject steroids would do so if they realized it causes their body to produce estrogen and that it shrinks their testicles – perhaps they would as these men are only known for their enlarged egos, not for their skill with rocket-science.

There is the healthy alternative to Natural Steroid Alternative Supplements injections of course, which is to boost the body’s natural production of androgenic hormones with testosterone boosting diet supplements, move towards and only organically grown diet so as to be free from the chemicals used in modern-day food-processing and to do some muscle-burning exercise so as to stimulate the body into producing more testosterone. Indeed, having more testosterone in our blood is not enough, we need higher levels of free testosterone in our system so that the free testosterone can be used to build muscle and all the other good things we want from higher testosterone levels. Working with nature’s balance and systems is vastly wiser than interfering with nature’s way.